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Top 5 Brands Leveraging Amazing Design Strategies

There are some amazing designs showing up in the world of business and marketing. In this post, I show you 5 of the leading brands integrating great design strategies into their content.

I really love design and seeing what sort of creative design strategies are out there.

Sometimes I come across a brand and I just have to stop for a moment and appreciate their amazing design work.

They clearly take pride in their content and want to help me enjoy experiencing their brand.

This doesn’t happen often.

The fact is it’s super hard to generate branding consistency.

Most brands – even big companies – won’t stand out to me. But they are still memorable due to their history, significance or stranglehold on a particular market.

With that said I’ve also seen big brands pick up their design game lately, too.

They know in a world cluttered with content, more than ever it’s important to take steps to look professional and have design strategies in place.

Where does your brand sit? If you’re not well-known, chances are you can benefit from improving your branding.

So today I want to inspire you a bit.

I’ll show you the top 5 brands (in no particular order), who leverage amazing graphic design to bring professionalism and consistent quality to their content.

Brand 1 – Helpscout

Helpscout uses a blend of modern trends, predominantly vector graphics throughout their content marketing material.

Take a look at their blog:

helpscout branding

This design trend continues for their in-post call to actions as well:

helpscout download

I downloaded the guide they showed above. Inside is great example of how to incorporate your design styles into your lead magnets or other PDF content.

helpscout content

Each chapter or section has a heading graphic. This actually matches the layout of the website, which establishes continuity from their downloadable content too.

A great touch.

Vector graphics generally take longer to produce, but the results can be fantastic as Helpscout proves.

If you have a designer who can develop a style with a unique touch for your brand, it’s worth trying.

Brand 2 – Ahrefs

What I love about Ahrefs is that they go above and beyond with their educational content.

Yes, SEO is a very technical and difficult topic. So it’s necessary for them to do that.

But the way they make their content visible across platforms, using consistent design strategies – is fantastic.

These designs really stand out in their remarketing campaigns, and gain some very valuable engagement too.

ahrefs ad

My favorite however is in their video content.

They inject a sense of fun and personality, which is a big part of their brand.

Let’s take a look at their Youtube channel as a great example of this.

You can see each thumbnail has an on-brand style.

ahrefs youtube thumbnails

This style continues within the videos too, with the popups and animations they add.

ahrefs video

Props to their designers and video editors and animators.

If you leverage video marketing, make sure you employ a strategy like Ahrefs.

I recommend always including custom thumbnail designs.

And you can even change up that design for video series you release, just like they do for some of their playlists.

ahrefs playlist

Note that they’re not all the same – the last one is a different design.

Since it’s in a playlist, it won’t really matter because that video will play automatically in the correct order.

But imagine if you had just come across Ahrefs videos, and you started watching that series outside of the playlist. You get to the 4th video, you’re going to subconsciously look for the next video with that same style.

It’s not there.

This is a small detail really. But if that’s your series, and the 5th video is an important piece of content, you can really help them out by providing that continuity in the thumbnail designs.

Overall I really respect the effort Ahrefs put into their design. They have a commitment to quality that I thoroughly admire.

Brand 3 – Quuu Promote

Quuu is a relatively young startup building an amazing brand.

In this case, not just in their design but level of service and marketing.

They have crafted a great user experience across their curation and promotion platforms, as well as their blog and Facebook community.

Here’s their blog page:

quuu blog

As you can see, they use a simple and friendly vector style design.

This shows up across their website, too:

quuu register

This is another great touch that can really help viewers develop a sense of trust. Especially on pages like that where they are requesting an action like a signup.

Quuu is proof that small details can make a big difference in how your brand is perceived.

What can you add to your brand to achieve something like this?

Brand 4 – Brooklinen

Let’s switch gears to some ecommerce brands.

Brooklinen is an online store selling “luxury bedding, underpriced”.

Visiting their website is warm, welcoming and highly personable.

Which is perfect. Because that’s how your bed should feel, too.

brooklinen banner

They also apply this to their designs through excellent product photography and staging.

Take a look at:

brooklinen product selection

For business with products, this is a super important part of your branding and design: make people imagine themselves with your product and the feeling you want to inspire.

Obviously employing visual strategies is the first and foremost way to do this.

You will also see smells and sounds being employed in retail outlets, as well as places like open homes with developers and realtors.

It’s a great strategy. And it works.

I would not recommend sounds on your website however, it just confuses and annoys your visitor.

Brand 5 – Dollar Shave Club

Finally, I want to show you a great example of color usage with the Dollar Shave Club brand.

At the time of writing, if you visit their product page, you can see they have about 10 different options.

What’s unique though, is each product section uses a different color.

dsc products

It continues down the page from there.

And that’s the color they employ across all the individual items within that product category.

There’s a great takeaway here, and that is you can help potential customers differentiate your offerings.

Even if you don’t have an ecommerce business, you can apply a different color to different packages, tiers or services.

Without going in to too much detail about the psychology of color (you can read more here), you can generally pick out appropriate options fairly easily.

It’s important to try to get the colors to compliment each other.

I put these together in a color palette from that page. See how they all work well together?

dsc palette

I included an orange box to show you how they also manage to work well with the brand mark’s color.

It’s a simple idea, but so powerful at the same time and definitely worth considering implementing into your brand strategy if you think it can work well.


There are tons of brands around employing incredible design strategies.

These were just 5 that I have come across recently in my business and personal browsing.

If there’s anything I would love you to get from this, it’s this:

  • You should give your brand a personality,
  • Try to enhance that, and match your brand to a feeling you wish to inspire in your customers, and
  • You can use design to achieve this

I would love to hear about your favorite brands using design strategies I haven’t mentioned here.

Do you have any you would like to mention?

Please let me know in the comments below.