2016 plans

Our Plans for 2016

A new year is an exciting time for any business. Renewed motivation means new ideas and goals. Here’s what we have planned...

In March 2015, I launched Unlimitly with huge plans, excitement and enthusiasm.

But as with most startups, that initial enthusiasm wore off and reality set it. I had a long period where I struggled to find traction. It actually has a name – The Trough of Sorrow.

Fortunes changed during September 2015.

I had been much more proactive networking and attending events plus I was honoured (note: nervous as hell) to meet Sir Richard Branson during his trip to Australia for the NAC event.

I was also active in various business groups on Facebook and sure enough, I started getting sign ups.

By November, I was overwhelmed and hired my first full-time designer. Using freelancers just wasn’t cutting it any more.

It has been a roller coaster ride since then, with some pretty cool wins but many difficult lessons. But I’m better off with them, as I have a much better idea of operational and marketing aspects of running the business.

With 2016 upon us, I have set out some new goals based around these lessons, feedback from customers and, of course, my own ambitions. Here they are…

1) Make content marketers our niche

Saying ‘yes’ to everything can be tempting. Unfortunately I’ve done it too much and the resulting lack of focus begins to take its toll on the business.

It’s time to focus on a niche – Content Marketers – and become the best at delivering quality outcomes for this customer segment.

You might think content marketers is still quite broad. It is. But, we’ve defined this as a business that:

  • Is running an active blog (at least 2 posts per month)
  • Has a social media presence across multiple platforms
  • Already active or looking to drive traffic to lead magnets with paid digital ads

To sum it up, we need customers who are taking action and motivated to crush it with content. That’s where our passions will align and where our unlimited package will serve them best.

We’ll be making this change more or less straight away with the upcoming launch of our first eBook as a lead magnet. We won’t prohibit sign ups from other customers just yet. We just won’t market to them and will factor in higher churn rates.

2) Complete stage 2 of customer dashboard

The existing customer dashboard is embarrassing – at least in terms of functionality.

I’m not afraid to say that though, as I’ve deliberately kept it as a bare bones MVP until we had customer input on it.

From the feedback on our service, we’ve received plenty of information to help shape stage 2 of the customer dashboard.

We’ll be developing:

  • A streamlined request form for monthly and one-off customers to submit task requests. This will feed into our helpdesk platform for easier prioritization and internal management.
  • A task list to show the status for each ticket and an estimated due time.
  • An auto upgrade and downgrade plan feature so we don’t have to do that manually. Adding this feature will also allow us to start some upsell campaigning.
  • Update the cancellation feature to be semi-autonomous. We will still run it through an approval process.
  • Generate and make accessible a PDF tax invoice for monthly payments.

This is a substantial update to our platform and will take some time to develop. Our goal is to push this out by the end of April 2016.

3) Launch a separate blog

This Journey blog has been very valuable despite my irregular posting.

The startup journey posts are engaging to founders but ideally, as a design service company, we should be generating demand through creating awesome content for our target market.

That means we’ll be launching a new blog to host tons of incredible content for both B2B and B2C companies.

We’ll teach companies the basics like:

  • How to set up social media accounts
  • How to set up a blog with a basic email collection tool
  • How to start building a brand

To more intricate content topics like:

  • Creating systems for outsourcing your content efforts
  • Ideas to get your content promoted by industry influencers
  • Creating lead magnets best practices
  • Tools for tracking and tweaking
  • Lead nurturing and database segmentation
  • Customer onboarding

We will also launch Pinterest and Instagram accounts in conjunction with this blog.


We are excited for what this year will bring. If you want to follow our progress and get early access to our upcoming eBook – How to Skyrocket your Business with Content Marketing in 2016, subscribe to our Startup Journey below and you will get exclusive early access.

Otherwise, thanks for reading. Let’s go!