Our Relaunch of the Blog with a New Goal: 500 Successful Customers

We are shifting our goal to be more customer focused. Here’s why and what changes we are making.

Today I’m excited to relaunch our blog with a new startup journey goal: Journey to 500 Successful Customers

The purpose of this change is to effect some paradigm shifts in our culture and values.

A revenue goal is fulfilling the company only. By targeting a number of successful customers, we are making it about the customer too. It forces us to internalize how to create significant value for them on an ongoing basis.

What are Successful Customers?

We define a successful customer as a client who we add significant value to their business with graphic design integration across:

  • Social Media
  • Blogs
  • Lead Magnets
  • PPC Advertising
  • Website & Landing Pages
  • Operational Content

Currently it is up to the customer to send us tasks as they require them. A typical scenario is a customer signs up when they have a lot of work they want done. The downside to this is once they run out of tasks, they either downgrade their plan or end up churning.

To ensure we keep customers sending us tasks, we need to keep delivering value. Our plan is to develop a Design Integration Plan that advises what content needs to be created or reviewed for each quarter, across the 6 key marketing and operational elements mentioned above.

This will make is super simple for our customers to integrate professional and beautiful branded graphics with their content.

What’s next?

Many customers join us as small businesses who don’t do much or any content marketing. They may even be unsure what that involves.

So here’s where it gets exciting.

We will be launching another blog – Unlimitly Academy – to help small businesses succeed in building their own content marketing machine.

The content will include articles like step-by-step guides, checklists, resources and infographics to get readers on the right track.

We have this project underway already and I will look to hire a content writer specifically to grow this blog and serve our market in the best possible way. Content creation is underway and our target launch is for the start of October 2016.


As a founder, I’m still figuring out blogging. Writing is not my strong point and finding the time amongst everything else that needs doing has been incredibly challenging.

But I’m not giving up – I’m figuring it out along the way. This Startup Journey blog is mine and this is all part of it.

I’m excited now (as I write this) but the enthusiasm dies down as the day to day work gets in the way and gets overwhelming. Rather than exclaim about how I will post every week and provide monthly updates on our progress, I will start with fortnightly posts on getting these changes actioned.

If that works and I’m regularly reaching my posting goals here, I will aim to ramp it up to weekly posts and progress updates.

For now though, as I learn, so will you.

Let’s go!