25 facebook ads

25 Inspiring Facebook Ad Examples to Help Get More Clicks

Facebook ads are everywhere now. We’ve trawled their massive network for some brilliant ads to inspire your next campaign...

Do you find yourself searching for Facebook ad examples across the web?

Trying to figure out exactly what to include in your next ad.

What makes good a Facebook Ad exactly?

There’s so many factors to take into consideration..

The offer. The copy. The audience. The creative. And more.

I’ve written before about using Facebook ads.

Now it’s time to look at some examples and see what’s working out there in the real world.

In this post we’re going to look at 25 inspiring and creative ads that have contributed to some brilliant and successful campaigns.


adespresso ad

A clever explanatory illustration for the creative, engaging copy and emojis are used here to make it stand out nicely.

Brett Campbell

brett campbell ad

A how-to backed by stats and a graphic showing results. Simple and effective.

This is designed to get people to learn about his brand and motivated to take action to get similar results.


click funnels ad

When you target a warmer audience you can include more text.

ClickFunnels does this well with their ad to their own lead magnet to get leads to understand split testing. The founder, Russell Brunson is holding up printouts of 2 potential pages literally compliments the headline and the subsequent description entice users to click through.

As a well-known influencer in the marketing space, he’s able to use his own brand to increase engagement on this ad.


digitalmarketer ad

Who doesn’t love a good challenge? They are one of the best ways to excite people enough in the moment to take an action. When you offer someone 6 ways to double their business – that’s tough to say no to.

Ezra Firestone

ezra firestone ad

Personal brands can better emphasize achievements. They belong to you and you can show how to replicate your success. Ezra Firestone does this well with this ad. A simple graphic with clear copy works well for a colder audience.


google ad

The perks of being a huge brand allows you to go after many different audiences.

In this example Google offers free training to jobseekers. The graphic plays a big role in this – showing an illustration of the training interface. If you complete it, you get a Certificate from Google. Not bad, right?


grammarly ad

A brilliant use of video in this ad. Although you can’t see it in this screengrab, it’s a run through of the different ways Grammarly will help keep your English in check. The copy targets a pain point many of us feel when writing stuff.


infusionsoft ad

This ad works well as it targets marketers who are looking to create their own lead magnets. These same people will want to build an email list, too, and eventually use Infusionsoft. So why not show them, with a cool magnet illustration, some lead magnet examples.

James Dawson

james dawson property ad

Chances are the first thing that comes to mind when you see this ad is freedom, retirement, relaxation or something along those lines. That lifestyle shown in the image captures your attention and then once you read how you can do the same, you’re much more likely to take action.


meet adgar ad

A simple campaign to drive traffic. This ad introduces the MeetEdgar social scheduling tool by targeting the pain marketers feel from doing tedious tasks.


ontraport ad

A concise image and heading grabs interest, while the ad copy explains why the science is valuable to people looking to sell online.

Russell Brunson

russel brunson ad

Storytelling sells. Especially stories that leave you wanting more. That’s what makes this Russell Brunson’s video ad (and his entire brand, really) do so well.


unbounce ad

A simple image showing a EBook mockup and a guy at a table, presumably discussing the framework mentioned in the ad copy. This ad is great for top of funnel lead generation.

Business Blueprint

business bluepriint ad

This ad for a national event tour has succinct copy and an uplifting graphic to encourage people to register. A great example that also shows the power of retargeting.

Jason Hornung

jason hornung ad

When you can target a pain-point and add humor at the same time, you will get results. Jason Hornung does this very well with his ad for Lazy Men wanting to start Facebook ads.

Scott Oldford

scott oldford ad

Scott Oldford has built his brand on Facebook. The personable copy and friendly image come together to retarget warmer leads in this ad. He has great content on Facebook advertising which I recommend you check out if you are serious about it.

10X Factory

10x factory ad

A bit of cheek can go a long way in ads. People are engaged by something that makes them laugh. Better yet if it relates to what they are doing – in this case, entrepreneurs trying to grow their business. 10x growth is specific and ambitious. All this put together makes the ad wildly successful.


ebay ad

Personable image showing context. Check. Mind-blowing stat to excite readers. Check. Put them together and watch the clicks come.


companion labs ad

Demo videos work well for warmer leads. If you can show them how easily their problems can be solved, they’ll want to jump on the opportunity. This is a great ad for getting those on-the-fence leads over the line and signing up.


invision ad

Another demo video. This time used for colder leads, because people may not be aware they can create an almost exact working demo of their app without actually doing any app dev. InVision calls it Craft Prototype and it works well getting people to trial the software.

The Fletcher Method

20170620 121023

Diagrams and charts are a great way to catch people’s attention. The Fletcher Method does this well with their ad. Showing their funnel method mockup of the template offered for download is a great way to get more clicks.


trivago ad

This is a great way to use combine blogging and PPC advertising. Bali is a popular holiday destination. So there’s a big market there. Now if you can provide an alternative and back it up with good reasoning, you can become the authority in the travel space. Have a solid offer on the table and suddenly you’ll start making money too.

Evergreen Profits

evergreen profits ad

Traffic generation is a very common problem for marketers. By starting the ad with mentioning this, they become relatable and suddenly you want to see their little trick that saved them. Content curation is a more time-effective method so people will click and find out how it can work for them.

Wild Audience

wild audience ad

Call out your audience! That’s a very common phrase used to teach people about successful ad copywriting. Wild Audience does this by mentioning online marketers and the names of several well-known marketers. The graphic is very basic, but with thousands of reactions and dozens of comments and shares, it just shows the power of actually calling out who your audience is.


udemy ad

Udemy has the benefit of being known for training and courses. Google AdWords is rather daunting to many marketers, so this course is going to pique their interest.


There are a lot of different components to a good Facebook ad.

Some of it is not even visible on the ad itself – it’s in the strategy that it’s a part of.

But if you put together your targeting, copy, graphic and offer, you are well on your way to a successful ad campaign.

I hope these ads have inspired you to make better ads for your own campaigns. If you have any ideas to contribute, leave a comments below.

If you need help with your Facebook ad designs, check out our outsourcing guide here.