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11 Strategies for Attracting Qualified Leads

You need to qualify your leads first or you’ll waste a huge amount of resources. Let’s take a look at some strategies for getting targeted leads from the outset.

Attracting qualified leads to your business is a hugely important but too-often overlooked element of digital marketing.

At least the qualified part.

People are under pressure to get numbers up, meet KPI’s and look good.

But really, the long-term benefit of getting the right numbers is going to wind up us saving time, money and resources.

This is something I have started applying right here at Unlimitly.

Here’s 11 common lead generation strategies and how to qualify people with them.

1. Organic Facebook Page Posts

Although no longer providing the results it once did, it remains an important task to show our businesses are active.

And your top followers will still see and engage.

Posts that are scheduled out to our page should be exciting but relevant.

The nature of marketing on social media is to engage, not sell so it’s important to be creative in what is posted to get in front of potential customers.

One example would be to post a case study or result showing a transformation, and asking your followers to comment or tag friends who could benefit.

2. Facebook Groups

The same technique applies within a group.

In fact followers are happier to contribute within a group. One reason is that on a public page, someone’s friends can see them engage on a page and they may not want one or more friends seeing that. Within a private group, this is between them and anyone else in that group only.

3. Quora

Quora is a great platform to automatically begin to qualify leads by using it. With the right contributions to questions and links back to your site.

People who click on page links will likely already be looking for or open to the offer your have.

The strategy here is to set up your profile properly, use the ideal credential and answer questions frequently.

4. Reddit

Similar to Quora, Reddit is contribution based and your qualification comes from interacting within the appropriate subreddits.

For B2B, business related ones are where to turn your attention, while for B2C look for subreddit topics related to your niche.

5. LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn to qualify leads is about combining contribution and outreach. Contribute frequently and reach out to people as you build a relationship. People who are open to discussion are qualifying themselves. There are a few great services around to help with LinkedIn outreach.

6. Warrior Forum

The Warrior Forum is a great place to go and interact with fellow business people. Consistent contribution here is a great place to drive targeted traffic via answer links, signatures and our bio.

7. Facebook Ads

Let’s jump straight to it. The power of Facebook ads lies in its targeting capabilities. Qualify leads through that and your CTR and CPC metrics will help deliver a solid ROI on your campaigns.

Typically it’s best to narrow down your taget audience as much as needed. Poor targeting will end up throwing money away.

8. Blogging

The overall strategy of blogging can be used to qualify leads out of our readership by using pillar content, niche articles and content upgrades / lead magnets that directly help solve a problem outlined in the post. Quality leads will then come, assuming traffic generation is done correctly too (all the previous items can help with traffic).

9. Guest podcasting

Being a guest on a podcast is a great way to get in front of many qualified leads and potential customers. There are so many podcasts now that there are plenty of options to find one that is really going to ensure our value as a guest is maximized. Remember to be authentic and have a call-to-action for the show.

10. Networking

Sometimes the best way to reach someone is meeting face-to-face at networking events.

Business owners are incredibly busy people, who lose track of their emails, phone calls and messages easily. So trying to reach out to them that way can be somewhat confusing or frustrating.

If you have a chance to meet in person, use that opportunity to develop the relationship and try to connect again later if there’s an opportunity.

11. Trade Shows

A stall at a trade show is a great strategy to position yourself live in front of targeted people. Our offer at the stand is a great way to qualify further and get them interested or even signed up.


That’s it – 11 strategies you can implement to start getting the right people in our sales/marketing funnels.

What do you think? Do you have any strategies that have helped you drive qualified leads to your business? Let me know in the comments below.